Residential Accounts

Energy Compare is an independent free consulting business, providing residential customers with the most cost effective option to save money on their energy supply.
Just two minutes on the phone to one of our agents will help you ensure that you are not paying more than you need to be for your electricity and gas.

Energy Compare will provide an honest and transparent comparison of rates to ensure that our customers save as much as possible by receiving the best possible rates from our panel of energy retailers. We have developed a suite of comparison tools to highlight the difference between suppliers and your potential savings.

Our experienced staff have extensive knowledge in the energy industry helping residential customers to make a more informed decision about the offers available in your local area.
The entire process of comparing energy savings and finding a better offer for a supplier will not take long. If you carefully follow our instructions that we will give you, then everything should be done in a couple of days. The only thing you will have to wait for is the response from the new energy company.