Energy Compare does all the hard work to get you the best deal.

Energy Compare will compare your current electricity and gas rates with our select panel of energy retailers, providing a personal and unbiased quality service to our customers. The more details you can provide regarding your electricity usage, the better deal and rates one of our experienced staff can secure. Knowledge is power. Our focus is to provide our customers with a fast and efficient, free energy comparison with no disruption to their energy supply.

We deliver the best possible outcome for all of our Australian customers with no fees and no cost to you. Saving money has never been easier, usually, to do this, you need to cut some other things out of your life that was considered luxury. However, by using our free service, you will be able to save money on your bills that you pay regularly. In the majority of cases, Australian energy suppliers take too much money from their clients, we are here to make a stop to that by finding you a better choice. Depending on where you live some other information we will be able to find the perfect energy supplying company for you. The quality will stay the same, but you will pay less.